Day Programs

Everyday programs for our children

We believe all children have the ability to learn and contribute to the community. Children at Sammy’s House are provided with the tools and opportunities they need in order to learn.

Quality Child Care

At Sammy’s House, learning is nestled in a play environment encompassing development in gross motor and fine motor skills, social-emotional, self-help, cognitive, and language development. Keeping our child-to-adult ratios low ensures high-quality care. Low ratios allow time for personal care and curriculum development.

Individual Curricula

Informal assessment ensures that all curricula and activities are developmentally appropriate to encourage a positive learning experience. Curricula are designed in conjunction with the family and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) providers and/or private therapists. In addition to personal curricula, learning is woven into fun and creative monthly themes to make learning meaningful. Group activities promote social development. Enrichment programs for all children includes art, music, sign language, G-tEE Literacy and G-tEE Science.


Sammy’s House is a non-profit organization that makes every attempt to offer care to all children. Families help with fundraising to the best of their ability, which allows us to keep our rates competitive. Scholarships are available for qualifying families. For more information on current childcare rates, please contact us at or 512-453-5258.